9 Popular Denim Brands of the 90s That Weren’t Levi’s

Back in the day, a handful of denim brands were all the rage. Levi’s jeans were the most popular; other brands, however, did give them a run for their money. Without further ado, here are the nine best jean brands from the 1990s (that weren’t called Levi’s).


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Guess jeans have been a popular choice in America for over three decades. The brand was established by the Marciano brothers in 1981 and rapidly became fashionable for its tight-fitting style and luxurious denim designs.

Guess jeans were especially trendy during the 1980s and 1990s, appearing often on supermodels such as Drew Barrymore and Naomi Campbell.

Denim lovers still adore Guess jeans today because of their ageless style and excellent craftsmanship. Even though the brand has grown to sell other types of clothing in recent years, jeans are still a big part of the Guess collection.


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Gianni Versace started his now-famous fashion label in 1978 called Versace, with the assistance of his older sister, Donatella. The brand rapidly got attention for its flashy designs. By the early 1990s, it was one of the most sought-after brands on the planet. 

Versace jeans became popular during the 90s due to their bold, stylish designs and luxurious Italian craftsmanship. Versace was one of the first companies to introduce distressed denim and bright colors in their jeans, which gave them a unique edge over other jeans manufacturers at that time. Furthermore, Versace collaborated with influential musicians like Madonna and Gianni Versace himself to promote their jeans. This celebrity endorsement helped make Versace a household name, and the company quickly became associated with the high fashion of the 90s.

Today, Versace is still a highly recognizable name in the fashion industry because of their outstanding jeans, which are a popular choice among style-savvy consumers. Although the company has recently experienced some changes, it has kept the same alluring atmosphere that initially made it famous.


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Moschino is an Italian fashion company that was established in 1983 by Franco Moschino. It’s well-known for its over-the-top and outrageous designs.

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In the 1990s, Moschino jeans became popular among the younger crowd. They featured bright colors, bold patterns, and unique details like embroidered logos and zigzag stitching. The jeans were often accompanied by other pieces of clothing from the Moschino collection such as T-shirts, dresses, jackets, scarves, and hats.

Today, Moschino jeans are still popular and they come in a variety of styles, colors, fabrics, and washes. They often feature the traditional Moschino logo or other playful graphics.

Calvin Klein

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Calvin Klein jeans are synonymous with style. The brand was established by designer Calvin Klein in 1968 and rapidly gathered a reputation for chic designs and luxurious materials. 

In the 1990s, CK Jeans took off in popularity and even celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss were recruited to star in its ads. One factor that made the jeans popular was the company’s clever marketing strategy, which featured celebrity endorsements and provocative ads. Another reason was the quality of the jeans themselves. Calvin Klein jeans were well-made and flattering, giving customers a stylish yet comfortable option.

The Calvin Klein brand is still trendy today because of its dedication to consistently providing quality items. There’s a vast selection of Calvin Klein jeans to pick from, whether you prefer the traditional denim look or something more contemporary like athleisure. In other words, whether all you want is dependable everyday wear or an in-your-face fashionable item, CK has got what you need.

Phat Farm

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Russell Simmons launched Phat Farm in 1992, and the brand rapidly became well-known among hip-hop artists and fans for its style. 

The Phat Farm brand was popular during the 90s because it had a strong focus on urban culture, which appealed to many young people of the time. The bright colors, bold patterns, and innovative designs gave the clothing range a unique look that helped cement its popularity in streetwear fashion circles.

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The brand’s relevance today is due in part to its ability to evolve with the times while still remaining true to its roots. Whether you’re looking for a throwback to the 90s or a modern take on a classic style, Phat Farm has you covered.


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FUBU jeans have been around for almost 30 years, and in that time, they’ve made a big splash in the fashion industry. 

Their unique designs and vibrant colors caught the eye of trendsetters, which propelled FUBU into becoming a household name. But their success wasn’t only found in fashion; they also had a significant impact on pop culture and music. In particular, FUBU became closely linked to hip-hop and R&B during the 1990s, impacting both the sound and style of these genres.

Even though FUBU has widened its product selection over the years, its jeans are still iconic. Fashionistas all around the world love and crave these items, which helps keep the company relevant despite being founded more than 25 years ago.


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Gap jeans have been a staple in American fashion for over fifty years. The brand was founded in 1969 with the goal of creating affordable, stylish clothing for the everyday consumer. Gap jeans quickly gained popularity due to their combination of comfort and style. 

In the 1990s, Gap jeans became even more popular due to the rise of “casual chic” fashion. This trend favored relaxed, comfortable clothing that could be worn both inside and outside the home. Gap jeans were the perfect example of this type of clothing, and they became a must-have item for many teens and young adults.

Gap jeans were popular in the 1990s, and they are still a timeless classic today. Although current styles may be more subdued than in the past, Gap jeans will never go out of fashion.

Cross Colors

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In the early 90s, Cross Colors burst onto the scene and quickly became a favorite among hip-hop artists and those channeling their inner gangsta. Their colorful jeans with bold slogans emblazoned on the back pockets made quite a statement.

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It was their message of unity and equality that truly set them apart in an era where tensions were high between racial groups. The company even faced boycotts from conservative groups who deemed their clothes to be “anti-American.” 

The brand continued to thrive and pave the way for other socially conscious fashion brands. When we look back at 90s jean styles, Cross Colors will always be remembered as a trailblazer for using fashion as a platform for positive change.


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Though they’ve only been around for a few decades, Diesel jeans have made quite an impact on the fashion world. The brand was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, and it established itself early on as a frontrunner in design and quality. 

In the early 1990s, Diesel jeans shot to popularity among young people, thanks to their unique style and premium materials. The company soon became recognized for its boundary-pushing designs and great-quality items.

Today, the brand offers a wide variety of jeans styles for both men and women that are sure to appeal to anyone. Whether you’re in the market for a timeless pair of skinny jeans or something trendier, Diesel has got you covered. With such a rich history rooted in quality and style, you can be confident your Diesel jeans will last long into the future.

There you have it, the top jeans brands of the 90s that were not called Levi’s. If you’re looking for a good pair of jeans from that era, be sure to check out one of these great brands.