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How to Fade Jeans with Salt: step by step guide

Do you want to give your jeans a life? Fading jeans can be another method of injecting new life into the attire. You can opt to refresh your wardrobe with faded jeans to serve your lifestyle. The biting question is; do you know how to fade jeans with salt? 

Several ways exist to fade your jeans with household items quickly. For instance, you can alter the color by using cooking salt. 

Again, you can bleach your jeans using lemon juice. Another natural method of fading your jeans is to wash them in hot water or frequently use them. Let’s uncover more. 

How to fade jeans with salt

How to Fade Jeans with Salt

You can fade your jeans at home by using some items that you can access in the hardware or grocery store. 


  • Salt 
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Laundry detergent 
  • Sandpaper 
  • Stirring utensil

Steps on how to fade jeans with salt 

  1. Using a five-gallon bucket, mix two cups of salt with two gallons of water. Notably, if you want to achieve a more faded look, you can increase the amount of salt. 
  2. Place your jeans in the mixture solution and submerge it thoroughly for the whole solution to cover it. 
  3. Leave the jeans materials in the salt solution for 48 hours. However, you should perform a frequent stirring to ensure the jeans materials absorb the solution well. 
  4. Remove the jeans materials from the salt solution and put them on a flat surface. Using sandpaper, begin to scrub on the spot where you need to achieve a more concentrated faded look. You can stop if you achieve the desired look. 
  5. Air the jeans by hanging them. 
  6. You can repeat the steps above to attain the desired faded look. Wash the jeans in cold water and the detergents, and later air dry them. 

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how to fade jeans with salt

Washing Jeans for the First Time

You can wash your jeans via the machine or hand wash. For this case, our focus is on the hand wash. You can wash your jeans in either a tub or sink. Since you are washing for the first time, hand washing is vital in color preservation. 

Wash only when necessary. We recommend that you wash your jeans a few times within the year. Frequent washing may lead to unnecessary wear. 


  1. Fill the tub or the sink with lukewarm water. 
  2. Using a color preservation detergent, mix gently. 
  3. Turn your jeans inside out as you lay flat in the tab.
  4. Avoid wrinkling or bunching them.
  5. Allow them to soak for at least 45 minutes. 
  6. Run the jeans under the water to rise. 
  7. Hang up to dry. 

1. Spot Clean Stains 

Instead of tossing your jeans into a washing machine, use water and a piece of a rag. It is an excellent way of eliminating any spillage on it. You should be careful about the kind of soap you are using to spot clean. 

2. Hanging

When you are not washing your jeans frequently, it is sensible to air them to prevent smells. Hang them on a line for at least 24 hours. You can also eliminate the smells by using a deodorizing fabric spray. 

3. Freeze the Jeans 

When the jeans begin to smell, you can prolong their lifespan by freezing them. Smelling comes when the body bacteria begin to accumulate on the jeans. By freezing, you will be killing a large percentage of bacteria and lower odors. 

The procedure of freezing is simple. Put the jeans in a freezer unprotected. Before freezing, you should allow the jeans to warm up. 

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How to Wash Jeans Without fading

Black and blue jeans tend to fade when put into a washing machine. The soap and water will erode the dye and discolor them. Luckily, you can use the below steps to wash your jeans and escape the fading trap: 

Method 1

Before washing, turn the jeans inside out, which should be standard practice. The reason behind turning the jeans inside out is to hinder the detergent from causing the dye to wear harshly. It is a brilliant way of causing the jeans to maintain more color. 

Method 2

Use vinegar or color-preserving detergent. When the jeans begin to fade after the same wash, you can use a color protect-ant detergent. Also, vinegar can act as an alternative when you want to preserve the jean’s color. 

One weakness of a detergent is it does not discriminate between the dye and stain. Thankfully, vinegar comes in handy to support mild wash by cleaning the attires without removing color. 

Using vinegar could be bad news for you if you have a sensitive nose to the strong smell that Vinegar has. 

Method 3

You can wash the jeans with other clothes. Jeans will fade less as you perform a combined wash with other dark clothing, especially when packed together. You can hold on until dark clothing accumulates and wash them with your jeans. 

Method 4

Use the lower temperature and spine cycle to prevent fading. Use a gentle wash option on your washing machine. Hand wash it for better results. 

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Can Salt Lighten Jeans?

Arguably, salt is a safer way of lightening your jeans. You can follow this steps quick results.


  1. Please turn on your washing machine and let it fill with cold water. 
  2. Add two cups of salt and deep in your jeans.
  3. Ensure you submerge your jeans fully and let them soak for thirty minutes as you stir occasionally. 
  4. Remove the jeans for the machine and dry them normally. 

Does Salt Water Fade Jeans?

When you use small amounts, it does not cause serious challenges. When you apply a large amount, it tends to wear the jeans fabric hence shorten its lifespan. You can lighten blue jeans without bleaching by soaking in Epsom salt. 

Does Salt Prevent Jeans From Bleeding?

You can opt to apply a dose of salt to keep your colored jeans from bleeding as you wash. The salt acts by keeping the color within the garment. It is an effortless way of keeping the garment color from fading as you wash them.

How Do I Lighten My Jeans Without Bleaching? 

You can use a concentrated lemon juice solution as a method of lightening the jeans. Before submerging your jeans into the solution, ensure you damp them into water. 

Knowing how to take care of your jeans is a step forward. You have to understand what it takes to keep your jeans in the desired form. More importantly, this post on how to fade jeans with salt will offer you tips on treating your attire decently. 

You can take several precautions if you want to retain the color of your jeans, as stated in this piece. One can retain color by avoiding frequent wash. 

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