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How to fray jeans using razor.

How to Fray Jeans with Razor and leave white threads

Are you wondering how to fray jeans with razor and leave white threads? Some people opt to fray their jeans and look unique at an exciting party. You can do it at home and escape the pricey options in the market. In this piece, we introduce the easy steps of how to fray jeans with a razor and leave white threads.

Before you start, all you need is a sketch and a razor. In addition, make a few cuts on the upper thigh and along the knees to add a stylish pair of distressed jeans to your wardrobe. 

How to Fray Jeans with Razor : step by step guide

The process of fraying your jeans involves easy steps as indicated below:

1. Map Out Where You Want to Cut

The initial step is to put on your jeans. The process of marking where you want to fray your jeans will be effortless when you wear them. By wearing, you will experience a feeling of where the jeans can wear down naturally. Most times, it is round the knees.

Using a washable marker, mark out the place where you want to fray. Draw the line to offer an outline of where you will be working. Make the size of the hole to your preference. It is more sensible to focus on areas that wear down naturally.

Take off the jeans and put them on a flat surface to serve as your workstation. Some of the best surfaces to work with are tables, a small footstool, or a shoebox. Avoid fraying your jeans while wearing them because the razor might hurt you.

2. Cutting the Jeans

Insert the thick magazine into the jeans where you will be fraying. The role of these thick magazines is to protect the razor from cutting unintended areas. Also, this magazine helps to keep the jeans stable for convenient cutting.

Suppose you lack a thick magazine; you can use a piece of cardboard or a notebook.

Carefully slit where you want it distressed with a razor. Next, add the horizontal slits at 0.5 inches intervals until you reach your desired mark. Since you are using a sharp razor, wearing a pair of thick gloves offers extra protection.

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Create naturally looking holes by pulling the threads of the slit. You can now widen the slits by using a bobby pin or tweezers. Pull apart the exposed threads with your fingers. Keep pulling the threads apart to create the right shape and size to your preference.

You can now fray other parts like a pocket with a disposable razor. Keep scraping until you achieve your desired look. Caution is critical as you use a disposable razor.

Finally, wash and dry your jeans at least twice. The purpose of washing is to clear any loose hanging threads. Also, washing twice makes the hole appear more worn. After that, the new stylish pair of jeans are ready for wear.

How to Fray Jeans at the Bottom

The process of fraying jeans at the bottom is a DIY affair. The procedure is as shown below:

3. Measure the jeans and mark your desired length

  1. Cut the hem out using a pair of scissors.
  2. Loosen the threads. As you get enough grains, rub the threads well to ensure the frays are visible.
  3. Wash, dry it and wear.

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How to Fray Jeans Shorts

Step 1: Select a Denim

Begin by choosing the right denim, which should be larger than your usual size, to offer your frayed shorts a comfortable and more relaxed fit. However, if you desire a form-fitting look, then use your standard size.

how to fray jeans shorts

Step 2: Alter the Length

Mark your short to the suitable measurement. Such is to prevent any mishaps, especially when you do not like too short ones. Mark with a small line or dots to indicate where you want the short to reach.

Step 3: Cut the Shorts

Use the scissors to cut the short along the marked line. After cutting across, fold them into a half to establish if both legs are the same. If you discover that their lengths are uneven, begin to trim until you get the desired measurement.

Step 4: Fray the Shorts

Use a razor or sandpaper to distress the shorts. First, lay the shorts on an even surface. If you want to attain a more controlled fray, allow the sandpaper to rub along the bottom. Apply the same amount of pressure if you want to fray your shorts evenly.

Step 5: Wash and Dry

The best approach is to wash the shorts at least three times before wearing them to make the bottom look natural. The more you wash and wear these shorts, the more it attains the frayed look. Use a fabric stiffener or fray glue to prevent the fray from going far. 

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How to Fray Jeans and Leave White Threads


  • Sharp scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • A pair of tweezers


  1. Put on the jeans and mark on the spots where you want the rips to be.
  2. Take them off and fold in a manner that the side seams take the up and down position.
  3. Using scissors, begin to cut and make parallel rips leaving half an inch between cuts.
  4. Use seam rippers to remove at least two horizontal threads.
  5. Involve the tweezers to remove blue threads.
  6. Cut the loose threads.

FAQs on how to fray jeans with razor and leave white threads

Is A Razor Safe To Use For Fraying Jeans?

You need to be careful when you are cutting slits on your pair of jeans. Since it is sharp, you can wear a glove to protect your fingers from possible accidents.

How Do You Reap The Jeans Without Sandpaper? 

In the absence of sandpaper, you can still use other helpful alternatives to make ripped jeans. You can get similar effects if you use a foot file, pumice stone, steel wool or a cheese grater.

How Can I Achieve Big Holes In My Jeans?

Creating big holes can be easy if you use a small pair of sharp nail scissors. Before you achieve your goal, precision is critical.

There you go. Know you know how to fray jeans with razor and leave white threads . You can use the razor to make a fashion statement on your jeans.

The tips shared above provide more convenience when you want to alter the design of your jeans. If unsure of how to fray jeans with a razor, the secret lies in implementing the above procedures.

One can still fray the jean at the bottom to compliment a particular fashion. Again, you can change the old look by fraying jeans shorts. The cool thing is the process involved is easy to understand and implement.

You can make your jeans appear comfortable by ripping them.  It is a way of injecting new life into your old jeans and making you feel part of the ongoing fashion trend.

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