Clicky How to Roll Jeans for Drawers: amazing ways

How to Roll Jeans for Drawers: amazing ways

We have a truth bomb for you; proper folding of jeans provides more convenience in the mornings. You will spend little time accessing your attires before you put them on. In this post, we uncover some of the best tips on how to roll jeans for drawers. 

If you fall into an uncomfortable waging of untidiness, now is the moment to upgrade. Knowing how to fold your jeans instead of hanging them is a step forward. We intend on saving your day by offering meaningful clues to you. 

How to Roll Jeans for Drawers

When you fold your jeans nicely, you make your drawer have a sharp and organized look. The learning curve about folding jeans is simple. First, you smooth out the pocket by pushing the hands to the furthest end. 

Next, hold your jean upright and begin to shake them. Fold a single leg over the other. Depending on the space, fold the pants into half or thirds.

How to Fold Jeans to Maximize Space

How you fold your jeans can break or make your organization scheme. In this section, we expand your knowledge on how to roll jeans for drawers. Any sloppy jeans will dismantle the plan to utilize your storage space. You can follow the below steps to achieve your goal:

a) Smooth out the Pockets 

Begin by inserting your hands into every pocket as you push them to the furthest extent. Suppose the pockets get bunched together; they can make your folding bulky or uneven. 

You can remove the bumps and bulks well when you lay the jeans flat. Put the hands in pockets in both directions to flatten it. 

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b) Hold and Shake 

Hold the jeans upright and begin to shake them once or twice. Use the end of the waistband to hold the jeans well. You can now shake the jeans to streamline any noticeable wrinkles on them. 

c) Tuck the Crotch

When you fold the jeans pants, the crotch may stick out on the side a little. Since this step is optional, you can leave it or fold that part that makes a crotch. Although folding that part adds some bulk, it also makes the pants appear uniform for stacking. Again, the fold of a crotch prevents wrinkles around that area. 

d) Fold the Pants 

Next, begin to fold the pants in quarters or thirds, bearing in mind the size of your drawers

One can fold the jeans in quarters by bringing the bottom hem to join the waistband. Fold again in half to complete the fold. 

Alternatively, you can fold it in thirds. The process starts as you fold the hem in two-thirds up to the pant leg. Fold the waistband down to meet the bottom. 

Suppose you have enough storage space in your cupboard or dresser; you can fold the hem to join the waistband to give the jeans a compact design. 

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Alternatively, you can still follow other ways to roll up your jeans:

  • Double Roll

You can keep your favorite pair of jeans by using this classic method. It is the most stylish option and attains a sharp look. Use the following steps in achieving this goal: 

  1. Flip the bottom to create an overlap of about an inch or less.
  2. Next, fold the hem and make this second roll slightly wider than the previous. 
  3. Streamline the roll.
  • Thick Roll 

You can adapt this method as a stylish way of showcasing the quality of your apparel. The process only involves three steps, as indicated below: 

  1. Fold your well-sized pair of jeans from the bottom up over itself. 
  2. Adjust the overlap to three inches for men and two inches for women. 
  3. Ensure each leg is even. 
  • Tapered Roll 

One can use this method on those jeans that have a loose-fitting at the ankle. It also works well on both lightweight and loose jeans. Here are easy steps to follow: 

  1. Pinch the fabric from the interior of your ankle for it to snug the leg. 
  2. Fold the denim over in the direction of your heel.
  3. Roll the pants over severally to ensure the fold does not easily come undone. 

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How to Roll Jeans at the Bottom

Rolling your jeans at the bottom depends on your preference. It is a modern trend that helps in accentuating your footwear. Several steps exist to use and achieve your mission.

Making Supper Skinny Cuff

Select your pair of jeans

  • For women, you can select skinny jeans and ensure it takes a straight-legged design. For men’s styles, go for slim-fit jeans, which also take a slim-fit design. 
  • Create the first fold 
  • Access the bottom of all jeans and fold the hem upwards until you form a very skinny cuff. Let the cuff measure about half an inch in width, consisting of only the bottom hem. 

Make the second fold. 

Repeat the above exercise by folding the bottom of the jeans to create a double cuff of the hemline. For this case, the cuff should be more than half an inch wide. Also, you can smooth out the edges to ensure that the folded form is an exact size. 

For women, the look can be impressive when combined with both low and high-rise shoes. For men’s styles, such a cuff works better when done with lighter and thinner fabrics. 

Making a fashionable Bunchy cuff 

Begin by selecting the pair of jeans. The bunchy cuff blends well with women’s styles of thicker and baggy jeans. When making your first fold, let it be about three to four inches. Allow the cuff to appear wrinkled or crinkly. 

Lastly, fold down the top hem. Scrunch nor squeeze with your hands to allow the scuff to look sloppy. Ensure that it still maintains its fold nature. 

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What Is The Significance Of Rolling The Jeans?

By folding the jeans, they become compact and allow it for better storage. Also, folding makes it easy to locate and grab any pair that you desire without struggle. You can compress the folded jeans and maximize space in a bit of closet. 

How Can I Increase The Number Of Jeans In The Drawer?

You can pack more jeans in the drawer by folding them in thirds. By folding them efficiently, it becomes easy to stack them in the drawers nicely. If you do so tightly, then you can fill at least two stacks within one drawer. 

Is Rolling The Right Way To Pack Clothes? 

By rolling the jeans tightly, it increases the efficiency for more compact packing. It allows one to fit more clothes in a drawer and eliminate creases. 


Based on the discussion above, you now have hints about how to roll jeans for drawers. You can opt to roll jeans and increase the compact storage.

More importantly, it becomes easy to access particular jeans whenever you are in a hurry. It is a perfect way of organizing your wardrobe efficiently.

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